What is a Fast Check-in?

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While the web application only allows you to edit, or delete the information saved in a contact file after it has been added, the mobile app offers a range of additional features to effectively manage your contacts with ease.

On the mobile app, you can carry out the following actions directly from the contact file:


1.  Android devices

To create a fast check-in, the only mandatory field is the activity type. The remaining fields are not required but can be filled in later, if necessary. 

fast_track_1.PNG fast_track_2.PNG fast_track_3.PNG

The Fast check-in will be recorded in Activity, there you will be able to add more details or comments from that visit:

fast_track_4.PNG fast_track5.PNG


2.  iOS devices

In contrast, on iOS devices you will see the Fast Check-In button on the top left of the dashboard.

ios_fast_check_in.PNG en1.png

In the same way as Android devices, the activity will be automatically registered and you will also be able to edit if necessary.

ios_fast_check_in3.PNG ios_fast_check_in_4.PNG

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