What is a Fast Check-in?

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It is the process whereby a sales rep can report a visit when physically visiting a prospective client, without having to link them to any existing account or opportunity in ForceManager (cold calling). 

1.  Android advices

To create a fast check-in, the only mandatory field is the activity type. The remaining fields are not required but can be filled in later, if necessary. 

Screenshot_2019-05-21-14-55-28.png Screenshot_2019-05-21-14-55-47.png Screenshot_2019-05-21-14-55-54.png

The Fast check-in will be recorded in Activity, there you will be able to add more details or comments from that visit:

enn__1_.png Screenshot_2019-05-21-14-58-48.png

2.  iOS advices

In contrast, on iOS devices you will see the Fast Check-In button on the top left of the dashboard.

en0.jpg en1.png

In the same way as Android devices, the activity will be automatically registered and you will also be able to edit if necessary.

en2.png en4.png

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