How to change my password in ForceManager

You can change the password on your mobile device or on the web application.

Remember that the password must have 7 characters minimum and 30 characters maximum and, at least, one uppercase character, one lowercase character and one number.

The process is as follows: 

On Android

  • Once signed into ForceManager, in the dropdown menu, you will see the customization option (a cog), the location of which may vary according to the device.
  • You will see the option “Edit Profile”.
  • You must enter your former password (Current password) and the new password twice (password and password verification).
Change_Password_Android_1.PNG     Change_Password_Android_2.PNG


On iOS

  • Once signed into ForceManager, in the bottom menu, click on 'More'.
  • Within the 'more' option select 'Settings'.
  • At the top of the settings screen you will find your user details (name and profile picture), click and you will access a screen where you must enter your current password and then, the new password twice (password and password verification). Once you've done this, save to apply changes.
      Change_Password_iOS_1.PNG  Change_Password_iOS_2.PNG


Change_Password_iOS_3.PNG Change_Password_iOS_4.PNG 


On the web application

  • Once you have signed into ForceManager, click on the user picture to access My profile.


  • Select the option “My Profile” and "Change your password".


  • You will see the “Edit” option, where you can enter the new password.


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