How to check in from an opportunity?

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The check-in option allows you to report a visit directly from a client’s location, so long as you’re within 500 meters of the client’s position.

By default, the option to record physical sales visits (check in) can only be activated from the ‘Accounts’ menu.

What to do if you need to report a visit to an opportunity rather than an account

You might need to report some of your visits to an opportunity rather than an account. For example, if you’re working with clients in the construction industry, and visits are not carried out in the head office but on sites, you can report visits in ‘Opportunities’ by activating geolocation.

How to check in from an opportunity?

When you have this option activated and your opportunities are geolocated, you will see how when selecting an opportunity, the button “Check in” will appear. Remember that you can only check in if you are within 500 meters of an opportunity.


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