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Dana AI plus Emails
Dana AI plus Emails

Discover how Dana AI enhances Email Marketing when replying, sending, and drafting emails, saving time and increasing efficiency.

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🔗 This feature is available for all plans.

For detailed information about each plan, you can check it out 👉 here.

How to Use Dana AI in Your Emails

Dana AI offers advanced features to enhance email writing.

You can expand brief emails by adding more details, simplify lengthy emails by condensing key information, and adjust the tone to be professional, friendly, or helpful as needed.

Simply click on "Enhance Email," and you can:

Simplify the Email

For lengthy emails, the "Summarise Email" function condenses content, keeping only the key points. If an email is too brief, you will be notified to extend the text slightly to use this feature.

En los casos en que el correo sea demasiado breve, recibirás una notificación indicando que debes extender el texto un poco más para poder utilizar esta herramienta.

Expand the Email

If you have a brief email that needs more detail, the "Expand Email" option adds context and additional content.

Generate Impromptu Text

You can also generate text by adding brief guidelines in the free text field.

Once Dana AI generates the text, you can:

  • Make a new request if you don't like the generated text

  • Copy the text to the clipboard

  • Cancel to continue writing without Dana AI's help

  • Append the generated text to your existing text

  • Replace the existing email with the generated text

Correct Grammar and Spelling

Easily correct grammar (punctuation, verb-person correlation) and spelling (accentuation, typographical errors) with a single click.

Adjust the Tone

  • You can also adjust the tone of your email to suit the desired context, with these three adjustment options:

    • Professional: For a serious business environment, you can make your email sound more professional.

    • Friendly: If you prefer a more relaxed and friendly tone, you can adjust the tone to make the message warmer and more accessible.

    • Helpful Tone: This option converts your email's content into a more understanding and collaborative message, perfect for situations where you want to offer your help or support clearly and empathetically.

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