Frequently Asked Questions about our Email Marketing tool

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What happens if the contact I send an email to has images disabled or the email is set to text?

If a contact has images disabled in their email client or if their email is set to text instead of HTML, the tracking pixel will not work, meaning we won't be able to track the email open. However, link tracking will still function as expected.

Can emails without text content be tracked?

No, emails with empty bodies (no text content) will not be tracked. This is because the tracking pixel is included in the body of the email. Therefore, it's important to ensure your emails contain some text to enable tracking.

Why do we need users' write permission and how is this managed?

We need users to grant us "write" permission due to Nylas restrictions. This permission will be managed through a controlled flow within the Webapp to ensure security and compliance with privacy policies.

What is the maximum allowed attachment size for emails?

The maximum allowed attachment size is 5MB. This restriction is subject to change in future updates.

How are sent emails managed if we don't have our own email manager?

Although we don't have our own email manager, all sent emails are automatically synchronized in the user's email manager's Outbox. This ensures you keep a record of all your communications sent through our platform.

Is there a character limit for sent emails?

There is no specified character limit for emails. However, there is a limit on the maximum size of an email, which is 25MB. This allows you flexibility in your email content as long as the total size does not exceed the established limit.

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