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Can a draft be saved in ForceManager?
Can a draft be saved in ForceManager?
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When using the ForceManager mobile app on Android and iOS devices, you can save any element you create as a draft, such as an account, opportunity, contact, or activity.

If you have to interrupt the creation process, this feature helps you avoid losing your progress. You can always retrieve it and complete it later.

How to save a draft?

When filling some sections of the creation form of any element (company, contact, opportunity, or activity) and interrupting the action by clicking the close button, a pop-up message will appear, where you can choose the"Save as a draft" option.


Next time you click on "Add" when saving as a draft, it will show you another pop-up message to select whether you want to create a new element or "recover" the saved draft.

Selecting "Recover" will show you the data of the past form that you couldn't complete. If you choose "create new," the saved draft data will be lost and cannot be recovered.

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