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What are Campaigns?

The ForceManager Sales Campaigns module allows you to plan and complete specific sales activities of any type for a series of accounts selected by the ForceManager administrative user.

Just select the group of accounts that you wish to confirm an action for and include a start and end date for the campaign. Once you have created the campaign, your team will receive a notification so that they can start undertaking activities to complete the task before the deadline.

Now, more than ever, sales reps are clear about what they need to do, and when they need to do it by. Thanks to the Campaigns add-on, reps now know which accounts they need to contact, what they need to discuss during a visit or what message they need to transmit, and when tasks need to be done by. All this with a few simple clicks from their mobile.

What does this feature enable?

You can create specific campaigns for a group of ForceManager accounts. You can analyze which accounts have been contacted by a sales rep and which are still pending. You can assign deadlines to a campaign so that sales reps know how long they have to contact or visit an account to inform them of news, temporary offers, cross-selling opportunities, etc.


What types of a campaign can I create?

You can create as many campaigns as you need to reach your goals. You can promote a new product, offer discounts, cross-sell products, distribute samples or simply gather data on potential new clients. The new Campaigns module is flexible enough to address all your needs.

How do I create a new campaign as a manager?

Only ForceManager account administrators can create campaigns from the web app.

Click the Campaigns menu (displayed when the add-on has been activated) to create a campaign and launch it in seconds, or view campaigns organized by account status:

  • Active: all active campaigns.

  • Drafts: campaigns that are currently being created.

  • Completed: all completed campaigns. Includes all data, percentages, answers, etc.

  • Scheduled: completed campaigns ready to be launched. A start date has been scheduled. It is automatically activated on the scheduled date.

You can also duplicate any campaign regardless of status. The new campaign is saved in the Drafts folder with all copied data excluding results (for completed campaigns).

To add a new campaign:

Step 1. Define the Campaign title and information:

  • Add a descriptive text so that sales reps know what to do.

  • Establish the active period for the campaign, including the deadline for completion.

  • If necessary, attach documents and videos to the campaign.

  • Define the action that must be undertaken by the sales rep to complete the campaign. You can choose between two campaign types:

Step 2. Select the accounts you wish to include in a campaign.

Use the filters to establish which accounts are most relevant for the campaign: account manager, account type or status, etc.


Step 3. You can also create an optional form for the campaign. You can add as many questions as necessary so that sales reps know what to ask during a visit or communication with the account. To create a new form:

  1. Decide what question you will add.

  2. Confirm whether it or not it is mandatory. You can choose whether or not questions are mandatory. Mandatory questions must be completed before a Check-in can be reported.

  3. You can also choose whether to use standard or extra fields for answers from the Accounts menu. Fields are auto-completed with answers. This ensures up to date account data.

  4. Define the question type. This includes:

  • Free text. Field can be completed with standard text.

  • Number. Whole numbers or decimals.

  • Date. Select a date from the drop-down calendar.

  • Yes / No. Option to include pre-determined answers.

  • Drop down list (select one). Select a unique value from a list of possible answers.

  • Multiple choice (select various). Select various values from a list of possible answers. Answers must be configured in advance.


Step 4. Save or launch a campaign. You can save a campaign as a draft whilst you are still working on it. Drafts can be accessed at any time from the "Drafts" folder.

Active campaigns cannot be deleted. You also cannot edit form questions or start dates for active campaigns. End dates can be modified.

Draft or scheduled campaigns can be edited or deleted.

How do I view a campaign's progress as a manager?

Aside from creating campaigns, as an administrator you can also monitor the evolution and progress of a campaign from the Campaigns section of the ForceManager web app, including completed accounts, pending accounts, account managers and form answers where relevant. To view this data just click on the campaign you wish to analyze and a pop-up window will be displayed with the following information:

  • Team Performance: the total number of accounts assigned to each sales rep for a specific campaign, and the overall progress.

  • Accounts: all accounts included in a specific campaign and assigned owners.

  • Questions: all questions confirmed during the creation of a campaign with all confirmed answers. Results are displayed in a table or graph.

You can view the general progress of a campaign as well as detailed answers for specific accounts assigned to a particular sales rep.


How do I export campaign data as a manager?

Information can be exported for all campaigns containing data (active or completed) by clicking the export icon at the top right of the screen. Results are exported in Excel format.


How will Campaigns help me as a sales rep?

Performing your duties will be easier than ever now. With this module, a link to Campaigns is included in your Dashboard on the mobile app so that you can see which clients you need to contact and when. Just create a task and associate it with a campaign and data will be automatically registered on the account file and Campaigns menu. And all this without having to create unnecessary reports for your manager as data is automatically reported to them in real time.

As a sales rep, how do I know what to do and by when?

Campaigns can only be completed from mobile devices. If you have been assigned an active campaign:

  • You'll receive a notification each time a new campaign starts. You will also receive an email on the campaign start date confirming all information (active period, associated accounts, attached documentation, etc.) You will be sent another email on the last day of the campaign with data for analysis.

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  • A link to the Campaigns menu is included in the Dashboard when you have been assigned an active campaign.

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  • The Campaigns menu. You can view all assigned campaigns from this menu (active and completed) with progress percentages, brief campaign summaries and deadlines for completing tasks (for active campaigns). When you view a campaign you have access to campaign details, assigned accounts and questions requiring completion prior to reporting Check-in or other activity.

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How do I complete a campaign as a sales rep?

There are various ways to complete a campaign depending on what campaign type it is. Campaign types:

  • Check-in. Campaigns can only be completed when a physical visit to an account has been reported and associated with a campaign.

  • Any Activity. Phone calls, meetings, emails, Check-ins and comments can all be reported to complete a campaign.

You can complete campaigns when you carry out an activity for an account (any activity or Check-in only). Just confirm a Check-in or add an activity for an account as you'd always do to complete a campaign. The only difference now is that you need to relate activities with active campaigns associated with the account.

How to complete a campaign:

  • Campaigns menu. You can view all active campaigns from the Campaign section of the Dashboard as well as from the Campaigns menu. Search for the Account you wish to confirm an activity or Check-in for and confirm the action. The activity is automatically associated with the campaign.

  • Magic Card. The Check-in Magic Card option is displayed when you are near the confirmed location of an account. A pop-up window is displayed instead of the standard form where you can select a standard Check-in or one associated with a campaign.

  • Account file. Check-in or confirm an activity from the Account file. For either option you will need to confirm whether it is a standard activity or one associated with a campaign. This option is only displayed for accounts with active campaigns.

  • Activities menu. You can add activities to complete a campaign from the Activities menu. First, confirm the associated account from the Create New Activity screen. If said account has been assigned an active campaign you will have the option to complete a standard activity or one assigned to a campaign.

When numerous campaigns have been assigned to an account you must confirm which campaign you wish to complete.

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