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What is Mailchimp and what does it offer?

MailChimp is a marketing automation platform that helps create and send very attractive marketing communications - including emails.

Thanks to this integration, from ForceManager, you can export data from your clients or potential clients to your Mailchimp lists, you can even create new lists to Mailchimp. You can also analyze the impact of campaigns on your customers from your account's files. You will see, for example, who has received, opened or shown interest in your release.

How to integrate Mailchimp?

This integration can only be done if you are the administrator of the account. To do this, you must access your profile and, from settings, you will see the option 'Integrations' where you will find 'Mailchimp'.


1. You will need to activate the integration


2. Fill the form fields with your information to authorize the integration and you will see how, later, a pop-up screen with the Mailchimp page is opened so that you can start your session in the tool.

Keep in mind that your Mailchimp session may already be started and, in that case, it will not ask for your credentials but will initiate the process with that user. The integration should always be done with the administrator of the Mailchimp account, if you have the session started with another user, we recommend you to close the session and start with the login details of the administrator user.


Once the integration has been completed you can track its status, see if it is working properly and check if the updates are being made successfully.

You will also have the option "Blacklist". You will have a list of the users who did not receive the emails. These will be separated in two different groups: those who unsubscribe and those with an invalid email. You also have the "export" button.


You will also have the option "Blacklist". You will have a list of the users who did not receive the emails. These will be separated in two different groups: those who unsubscribe and those with an invalid email. You also have the "export" button.


You will also have the option "Deactivate integration" if at any time you need to delete this integration. Keep in mind that, in that case, all the information that comes from Mailchimp will be removed from ForceManager.

How does the integration with ForceManager work?

How to create lists for Mailchimp?

Once integrated, from the 'companies' menu you can apply all the filters you need for your Mailchimp list.

When you have the necessary filters applied, click on the option 'Export to Mailchimp' that you will find by clicking on 'Options' in the last column of this menu.


A pop-up box will appear that will show you the items that match the filters that you have applied for the export. Keep in mind that it will only show you the accounts and/or contacts that have the email field informed.

You can select if you only want the accounts, the contacts or if you need both items. When you have marked it click on 'Next'.


You will move on to the next step where you will have a drop down list to choose:

  • Create a new list, where you will put the name of the new list that will be created in MailChimp with the selected contacts.

  • Enter the selected contacts in one of your existing MailChimp lists.

When you have selected it, click on 'export' to confirm and end the process.


Once finished, from MailChimp, you will see how they have been added to your ForceManager contacts.

How to track MailChimp?

In addition, you will see how a new 'Mailchimp' widget has been added to the listings of all your companies, where you will find a list of all the communications that your contacts have received.


In the list, you will see who has received it, opened it and who has clicked on the link that had the release. You will also see if a contact has not received it or if it has bounced due to an error.


A different way to track your MailChimp campaign is with the Activity Menu and the Activity widget within an account. For every action one of the campaign contacts does, a new activity is created. The actions are: opened, clicked, bounced and unsubscribed. Whenever the contact does one of these actions.


When an email has bounced there are two different types:

  • Hard Bounces: a hard bounce indicates a permanent reason an email cannot be delivered. Some of the more common reasons this could happen are that the recipient email address or domain name don't exist, for example.

  • Soft Bounces: Indicate a temporary delivery issue. Some of the many reasons an email address may soft bounce are a full mailbox, the recipient email server is down or offline or that the email message is too large, for example.

You can see here a video of the integration with Mailchimp:

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