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Quick Event or Task creation via Voice
Quick Event or Task creation via Voice
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Swipe and start talking, ForceManager will take care of the rest!

Thanks to our Cognitive artificial intelligence, you will create an Event or Task in ForceManager just by talking to the app. You have never scheduled a visit or task as fast and easy as now.

Follow the steps below to create a quick event or task:

Step 1. Access the Calendar o Task menu in ForceManager or the calendar section on the account detail from your iPhone or iPad.

Step 2.

iOS Devices. Swipe left the Cognitive tab, which is at the bottom right of the screen.

Android Devices. Click on the "+" button and on "Voice creation".

Android devices


iOS devices


Step 3. Talk detailing the following data:

  • If you want to create an event or task

  • Account name

  • Contact name

  • Day and hour

  • Subject

Notice you have a little help before start speaking. If you don’t remember the required data, keep quiet and ForceManager will guide you showing an example of a phrase to be used that can be repeated just filling the slots.


Step 4. Once you have mentioned the previous information, you will be able to check that the event or task form has been automatically filled in with the corresponding information.


Step 5. Finally, click on “save” and you will create your event or task.

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