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My profile: personalize environment and company settings
My profile: personalize environment and company settings
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This feature is only available for the following plans:


Click here for more information on our plans.

1. My profile

From “My profile”, each person can change some personal information of ForceManager. These are the following:

  • First name

  • Last name

  • Language

  • Password


This is the only menu where users can edit their profile information, if they are not the account administrator. The other configuration must be performed by the account administrator.

The phone number and the email can only be changed by getting in touch with our support team:

2. Personalize environment

From here, you can configure parameters depending your geographic location:

  • Currency: euro, dollar, pound, etc.

  • Units: metric or imperial.

  • Timezone: GMT-08:00, GMT-6:00, etc.


3. Company settings

Personalize your ForceManager account to record your company information.

In this section you can define:

  • Logo 1: Reporting, if the orders module is included in your plan, or if you request a personalized report (usually Business plans), you can define what logo is displayed here.


The logo will be displayed as follows:

  • Logo 2: exclusive for your mobile and web platforms. Here, you can select another company logo to use as an icon on mobile devices.


This logo will be only available on Android mobile devices.

It will be located on the mobile App menu, on the top right of the user photo.

  • Account details: you can add all the company name, VAT number, phone, country, etc.

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