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All entities sent and received in the API are encoded using JSON objects.

The FM RESTful API is compliant with the W3C CORS specification, which allows any properly-authorized requests to be made from any origin domain. This means that you should not need to wrap calls in JSONP callbacks in order to make calls from browser-based applications.

In order to save bandwidth, the endpoint supports gzip and zlib compression, to enable this, you can send the Accept-Encoding: gzip, deflate header in the request.

It is not mandatory, but it’s recommended that you setup the request headers Accept and Content-Type toapplication/json.

When transmitting information on the URL, for example, when performing a queriy, it’s mandatory to URL encode the query. This is a standard format defined in the RFC 3986 and almost any library capable of performing HTTP requests should support this feature. For example:

IMPORTANT: All the examples presented in this document are shown with the un-encoded version of the URL, this is due to legibility reasons. All your requests must URL encode the HTTP calls.

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