5. Get started with Analytics Pro

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Learn through default templates

Within Analytics Pro, you have a dashboard available with default templates or tiles, which you can explore, duplicate and edit to familiarize yourself with their use and configuration:



Duplicate a default template/tile

To begin, you must duplicate the template that contains the report of your interest, which will allow you to experiment freely without losing the original.

To duplicate the template, you must follow the following steps:


1. Display the action menu in the templates dashboard.

2. Activate edit mode by selecting Edit dashboard.
Then, you must select the report of your interest:


3. Display the action menu in the template.

4. Choose the Duplicate option.

Analytics Pro will automatically place the duplicated template at the bottom of the dashboard with the word “Copy” in the title.



Edit a default template

To edit and experiment with the template you just duplicated, you must enter the edit mode by selecting the Edit button:


Next, the Edit Tile window will open where you can explore and modify the composition of this template, such as the fields, text, or filters:


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