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Analytics Pro stores and organizes the content within folders. A folder is a container that stores reports, dashboards, or even subfolders.

You can access the folder directory by going through the left panel within the Analytics Pro menu:


The ability to view or make changes to a folder is determined by the access level granted to a user or group for that folder.

Depending on your access level, you could view the following options:

  • Shared folders are visible to the whole team and, therefore, allow to share different reports and dashboards collaboratively.
  • Personal Folders contains reports and user-created dashboards, typically ones you are developing or are mainly of interest to you. Usually, users can organize their personal folders as desired.
  • Favorites show a list of reports or dashboards that you’ve marked as favorites by clicking the star icon on the left side of the content’s listing in a folder.
  • Search bar: makes it easy to find both private and public dashboards.


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