ForceManager in Microsoft Teams

The ForceManager integration with Microsoft Teams is available from both the web and mobile versions of the app. This integration will allow you to view and access ForceManager CRM data directly from the Microsoft Teams platform.


How to add ForceManager in Microsoft Teams?

From Microsoft Teams, you must go to the "Apps" section and enter "ForceManager" in the search bar:


Click on the "Add" button to add ForceManager CRM.




Once you have added it, you must enter your ForceManager credentials:



What does the Microsoft Teams integration allow?

  • Improve your sales team's communication flow and collaboration because it allows you to search and quickly share ForceManager data regarding accounts, contacts, and commercial opportunities through the Chat or Teams features.
  • Successfully prepare meetings with your clients, thanks to the search and immediate access to the CRM data from anywhere in Microsoft Teams, using our messages widget.
  • Share information about your accounts, contacts, and opportunities with sales managers and representatives, and improve your internal meetings organized in Microsoft Teams.
  • Organize and collaborate efficiently with your team and clients thanks to the personal and innovative CRM dashboard integrated with Microsoft Teams. The dashboard tab offers you a panoramic view of your business agenda to track Recent Activities, Goals, upcoming Tasks, and Events in real-time, as well as join your next Videocall in one click. All the information from the ForceManager CRM is available automatically in Microsoft Teams and vice-versa to help you improve performance, generate more impacts, and close more sales.

How does the Microsoft Teams integration work?

Once you add the ForceManager integration in Microsoft Teams, you can access all the app data through different tabs located at the top of the window (Dashboard, Events, Goals, Activities, etc.)

In the Dashboard tab, you can find different widgets to explore the most relevant information about your account. You can also add more elements of your interest to this menu.


For example, in the "Events" widget, you can view the meeting details with an account, providing you the necessary information to jump to your video call without leaving Microsoft Teams.


This integration simplifies the follow-up of your accounts by booking the next meeting from Microsoft Teams and simultaneously registering the necessary data in ForceManager CRM, such as relate the call with an opportunity:


Inside the ForceManager integration, you can use the search bar (located in the upper right part of the screen) to search any detail regarding an Account, Contact, Opportunity, etc., that matches in ForceManager:


In every tab, you have direct access to the ForceManager app to view or edit any element:


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