Sage Business Cloud Financials

What is the Sage Business Cloud Financials integration and what exactly does it do?

You can synchronize Sage Business Cloud with your ForceManager account and easily and efficiently integrate both your databases. There's nothing technical to configure so integration is quick and easy.

When you activate the integration, your Sage Business Cloud database is synchronized with ForceManager so you can access all accounting data through the ForceManager platform and make the most of all our features.

With the Sage Business Cloud integration, you can synchronize your accounts so that you can see the real-time status of payments for each one. You can select weekly, monthly, quarterly and annual data, as well as compare data with previous periods.

You can also choose to only synchronize specific accounts that relate to your sales team. You can choose which users to add during the configuration phase.1.png

How do I activate the integration?

To activate it, access your "profile" from the top right of the screen and select "Sage Business Account" from the "Integrations" menu. Then access your Sage Business Cloud account and "activate" the integration.


After dragging the "activate" slider, a new SalesForce window will open. SalesForce Sales is the Sage Business Cloud billing cycle management solution.



Just enter your SalesForce login details to access and transfer data. Once the process has been activated you can personalize your settings.


  1. Associate users: select which ForceManager users (on left) you wish to synchronize with Sage Business Cloud users (on right). Once selected, click "add user" to confirm and add them to the list.


  1. Associate fields: select which ForceManager fields (on left) you wish to synchronize with data from Sage Business Cloud fields (on right). 

Fields marked with an asterisk (*) are mandatory as data is needed to guarantee optimum functioning of ForceManager and/or Sage Business Cloud services.

You can add as many accounts and contacts as you like.

Don't forget that synchronizations are unidirectional, so although fields that are created or updated on Sage Business Cloud are automatically added to ForceManager, it doesn't work the other way around.

  1. Synchronize: once you have completed the previous steps, you can synchronize both databases by clicking "Start Synchronization". You can also view a summary of the synchronization: associated usernames and fields.

 How does the integration work?

Once created, synchronizations are automatically updated every 15 minutes. The automated synchronization updates all added or modified changes in the solution.

You can view the status of the integration by selecting the "Status" tab (synchronizing, functioning or any error messages). You can also "Pause" the synchronization if necessary (without losing your settings).


You can view a summary of all synchronized accounts and contacts as well as any error messages from the statistics section.

You can also monitor all updates from this section or from the Sage Business Cloud integration screen. You will see a breakdown of what's been added and/or modified for each account. 

You will also have access to an archive of all completed actions so you can ensure everything is functioning correctly and monitor for errors.


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