What are Campaigns?

The ForceManager "Campaigns" module allows you to organize specific actions for those accounts that have been selected by a ForceManager administrator.

Just select which accounts you wish to add an action for and select a start and end date for the campaigns. Once the campaign has been created, your team will receive a notification and they can start undertaking activities in order to complete the task before the deadline.

Now more than ever, sales reps have a clear picture of exactly what needs doing, and when it needs to be done by. Thanks to "Campaigns", you know which accounts need to be contacted, what the visit should be focused on or what message needs to be communicated and the deadline for undertaking all activities. All this with a few simple clicks from your mobile.

What does this feature offer/enable?

You can create specific campaigns for a selected group of ForceManager accounts. This helps you determine which accounts have been contacted by a sales rep and those which are still waiting. You can assign an end date to the campaign so that sales reps know exactly how long they have to visit or contact companies to notify them of updates, temporary offers, cross sales, etc. 


What types of a campaign can I create?

You can create as many campaigns as needed for you to reach your goals. You can use them to promote new products, offer discounts or cross sales, distribute samples and collect data from potential clients. The new Campaigns module is flexible enough to cover all your needs. 

How do I create a campaign as a manager?

Only ForceManager users with administrator permissions can create and access campaigns from the web application.

To add a new campaign, access the Campaigns menu and perform the following steps:

Step 1. Define the Campaign name and details:

  • Define an end date for the campaign so that sales reps know when the deadline is.
  • If necessary, attach documents to the Campaign.
  • Define what task the sales rep needs to undertake to complete the campaign. You can choose between:
    • Any Activity: With this option, the sales rep can complete a campaign by voluntarily reporting activities such as phone calls, emails, visits, etc., on files for accounts with active campaigns. 
    • Check-in.  With this option, the sales rep can only complete a campaign when they check-in and report a visit to an account's place of business.

Step 2. Save.

Step 3. Select the accounts that you want to assign to the campaign. 


Step 4. Establish questions. You can add any questions that you'd like your sales reps to ask during their next visit. You can also:

- Determine the question type and answer - open or closed question, with values, etc.

- Associate questions with standard or additional fields from the Accounts menu. (OPTIONAL)

- Mark questions as mandatory. The visit cannot be completed if specific questions are not answered, so the account campaign remains incomplete. (OPTIONAL)


Step 5. Analyze how a campaign is developing.

As a Manager, can I view progress reports for Campaigns?

If you are an account administrator and you are able to create campaigns then you can also see how they are progressing. Access the "Campaigns" menu from the web app to view archived data and progress reports: completed accounts, accounts pending contact, account managers for campaign accounts and questions.

  • Team's performance: this tab allows you to view how many accounts your sales reps are responsible for and their progress.
  • Accounts: the various accounts associated with the campaign in question.
  • Questions: this section displays all the questions that were added when the campaign was created as well as all collected answers and results represented by tables or graphs.

This section also displays the campaign's progress as well as general or specific answers for particular accounts that have been assigned to a sales rep.


As a Manager, can I export campaign data?

You can export data for any campaign by clicking the three dots on the top right corner of the screen. You can duplicate campaigns as well as export results in excel format. 

You can also export related data from the campaign questions section.


As a sales rep, how will Campaigns help me?

With this module, a link to Campaigns is included on the Dashboard of your mobile app, so you can see which clients you need to contact and when. All you need to do is create a task and associate it with a campaign and data is automatically registered in the account file and Campaigns menu. All this without having to create reports for your manager - everything is automatically reported to them.

 As a sales rep, how do I know what to do and when to do it by?

As a sales rep, you can do the following from your mobile:

- Receive notifications each time a new campaign starts.


- When there are active campaigns assigned to you, a new link is added to your Dashboard which directs you to the Campaigns menu.


- The Campaigns menu is added to the application. Use this menu to view all assigned campaigns - active and complete - with percentages to indicate progress, a brief summary of the campaign and the deadline for completion. When you access a campaign you can view all associated data, including assigned accounts and questions that are to be completed during visits. There's also a full archive of all active and complete campaigns.

As a sales rep, how do I complete a campaign?

To complete a campaign, you need to undertake an activity for the account and associate it with the corresponding campaign. This way, the undertaken activity (phone call, visit, etc.) or check-in is registered for the campaign.

To associate an activity with a campaign, select "associate activity/check-in with campaign" when you register an activity in the account file and select any additional associated campaigns if relevant.


There are two ways to complete a campaign: by registering an activity of any type, including phone calls, meetings, comments, check-ins, etc., or by registered check-in only. The manager that creates the campaign determines which activity applies. 

- Any activity: you can register any activity with a campaign, including phone calls, meetings, emails, check-ins, comments, etc.

- Check-in only: you can only complete a campaign when you check-in, report and associate a visit at an account's place of business. 




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