Step 3 Advanced Configuration

3.1.  Account Details

Personalize all your ForceManager account details from the "Settings" screen on the web version of the app. Go to the "Account Details" section.

 Then define:

  1. Logo

  • Logo 1: Reporting If the orders module is included in your plan, or if you request a personalized report, you can define what logo is displayed here



1.1 View your Logo on a Report

The same logo will be displayed on order files and custom reports.


  • Logo 2: Mobile and Web Platforms

You can select another company logo to use as an icon on mobile devices.


The logo will be displayed on the main menu of the app. On Android devices, it will be located to the right of the user image (above the menu).


2. Account Details

You can configure all account details here.


Enter all information for the account and click "Save".

3. Confirm Added Features

Use Add-ons to increase performance and complement ForceManager app features. Add-ons are easily integrated with your ForceManager account to help you with tasks and provide you with information.

There are various Add-ons available:


A ForceManager feature that has been developed to improve communication within your company. NewsManager will assure you that any communications that you send to your team are opened, read, and understood. To find out more click here.

logo-horizontal_preview.png        GoalManager

GoalManager allows you to set personal and team goals to analyze the progress of activities that are registered on ForceManager. You can fix goals and define deadlines for reaching them. To find out more click here.

logo_forcemanager_cognitive_2017_preview.png      Cognitive

Our voice assistant will radically change how you make sales. To find out more click here.

02-Signature-Manager-x2_preview.png    SignaturesManage

SignatureManager offers an easy and secure way to sign documents legally and electronically. This integration will help you reduce sales cycles by speeding up management and signature processes in a quick, simple and legal manner. To find out more click here.

02-Card-Manager-x2_preview.png     CardManager

With CardManager you can digitalize all your business cards and create contacts in the quickest and simplest way possible. To find out more click here.

vector-del-s_mbolo-determinado-del-correo-del-paquete-del-icono-32797028.jpgComplemento Outlook

The ForceManager add-in for Outlook allows you to easily manage and localize your accounts, contacts and opportunities. To find out more click here


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