Help option using ForceManager Cognitive

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1.1. Help & Glossary

While you are using Cognitive by ForceManager at the bottom left of the screen you'll see the option "Help". Once you access Help you'll find different options where Cognitive will be useful. 

  • What's next, accounts nearby, summary of the day...

When you select any of the options, Dana will help you providing you with some examples of possible questions and how to make them so she can understand your needs.

  • Cognitive Glossary: once you access the glossary, different examples on "how to ask the questions" will appear. Some of the subjects where Dana can help you with are: what's next, filter, summary of the day, pipeline, account detail, call, route...




1.2. Suggestions


While you are using Cognitive, Dana will guide you with suggestions. These suggestions are present during the whole process to help you, for example: if you have asked Dana information about a client, she will provide you with information about it but also different suggestions such as: call, route, last comment or help. This way, you will be able to tell Dana what you want to do next in a very quick and easy way.  

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