What is this new intelligent system?

They are smart cards delivered to your ‘dashboard’ to remind you of upcoming events, thus anticipating what may be of the most use to you. Their goal is to adapt to your needs and save you as much time on non-essential tasks as possible.

With this new system you will never forget a meeting. They will appear with enough time in hand so that when you arrive to the client’s location, you will be able to review all the content from previous interactions. Given that the cards are also interactive, you will see which client you have the appointment with, the segment they belong to and by clicking on its information, you can access further details.

You can also see how long you have until the meeting, the time needed to reach the destination plus the quickest route to get there. Additionally, the cards are dynamic and they adapt to current traffic conditions, meaning they automatically update show a real time ETA.

When it detects that you will be late, it will show you the estimated travel time in red and you will have the option to contact the meeting attendees. You will be able to contact them individually (by sending an email or calling the contact) or by sending a mass email to all attendees.

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