Can ForceManager share its clients’ data if it hires the services of a third party?

According to the provisions in Article 21 of the Regulation, Tritum Software cannot partially or fully outsource services to third parties in the name of the Customer if such outsourcing implies access by the subcontractor to the Data under the responsibility of the Customer, unless prior written authorization is granted by the Customer.


However, the Services may be outsourced without needing the Customer’s authorization provided that:


  1. Prior to contracting services, Tritium Software notifies the Customer of the name and services to be outsourced.
  2. Tritium Software and the sub-contractor company sign an agreement, according to the terms and conditions in this document, expressly specifying that, in all cases, the sub-contractor will abide by the instructions given by the file manager.


For more information, please visit the ForceManager’s legal Terms and Conditions.


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