Sales Analytics from mobile devices

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From mobile devices, you can see a list of all the users that form part of your sales team. The following information will be displayed about them:


  • Users may appear black or gray:

This is not related to whether the session has started or not.

From the web version, users that appear in bold under Sales Analytics are geolocated users who have carried out a geolocated activity from their mobile devices.

  • User colors: 

When accessing Sales Analytics from mobile devices, from the list of users displayed you will see when the user’s last geolocated activity took place.

  • Users with a green circle have carried out a geolocated activity within the past week or less
  • Users with a red circle carried out a geolocated activity over a week ago.

Those that appear grey haven’t carried out any activity from their mobile devices. So they are not geolocated nor are their details stored on the mobile app.  





From Sales Analytics you can also access an individual user’s details. Clicking on a user gives you access to:

  • Information about their location
  • Contact information
  • Access to reports related to this sales rep’s activity.
  • User statistics

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