Refresh data

Android devices

It is necessary to follow these steps:

In ForceManager's menu, by clicking the gear-shaped settings button on the right, it is necessary to tap on 'Refresh Data' to synchronize your local data with the server. Not doing this could cause a loss of your latest registered activity.

Once the previous step is completed, go to your mobile phone's settings and follow the steps as below:

  1. Settings menu
  2. Application Manager or Applications
  3. Select ForceManager's App
  4. Click on “Force Stop”
  5. Click on “Clear data”



iOS devices

In iOS, data clearing is done under the app itself. 

1. Once signed into ForceManager, in the bottom menu, click on 'More'. Within the 'More' option select 'Settings'. 

2. You should click on ‘Force Synchronization’ so that stored data on the device is transferred to the database and the content of all activity and modifications is not lost.

2. Following, once the synchronization processs is finished, it is necessary to click on ‘ Delete Local Copy’ so that the device forces the synchronization with the server and downloads the new content again.


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