How to add a quote

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1. Adding quotes on the web application

Once you have entered Quotes, click on the “Add Quote” button.

Complete the quote with its details (from the web version the only required field is the quote owner):


  • Description: you can add quote information. This description will always be visible, in case the quote is shared or sent this field will be visible.
  • Internal comment: you can also add internal comments to add all the helpful information that needs to be internal. 'Internal comments' will only be visible for users from the same company but won't be shown if the quote is shared or sent. 
  • Won: you can inform about the status of the quote, whether it has been won or not (this can be modified later).
  • Account: a quote can be linked to an account, that way, when you access the account details, you will find all the quotes associated with this account. 
  • Opportunity: if the quote wants to be linked to an opportunity. 
  • Contact: if a related contact wants to be added.
  • Owner: add the user who is responsible for the quote.


  • Header discounts: you can add up to four header discounts. These are general discounts that will be applied to all the products added in the quote (with the exception of those with a specific line discount). 


  • Product: add the different products that will be included in the quote. 
  • Quantity: add the amount of products for each one. 
  • Unit Price: confirm or edit the unit price. 
  • Discount: you can add a discount if you need any product line to have a different discount from that of the header discount (if a discount is applied to the product line, this will be the one to be applied for this specific product line and not the header discounts). What need to be taken into consideration is that products can have a maximum discount allocated, and in that case, you won't be able to apply any higher discounts.
  • Final Price: in the last cell of each line, you will see the final price of each product, considering the quantity, price and the discount applied. 


Once the necessary fields are completed, click on save and the quote will appear on its corresponding menu list. 


You will then have access to its details, edit it or mark is as won or sent: 

Additionally, you can share the quote and send it by email or download the quote in pdf. format:

2. Add quotes on the mobile application

To add a new quote:

  • Enter the quote details (the owner is the only required field).
  • Once you have completed the necessary and/or additional information, click on save. Bear in mind that the button’s location may vary according to the device.


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