What options are given in the activity file?

1. Activity list options on the web version

Once in the activity list, you can carry out different actions:

  • Create search filters by: activity, user, date, account, opportunity, etc., or enter keywords to conduct a search.
  • You have the option of adding a new activity (a new event or task).
  • Export the activity list to Excel.


2. Activity list options on the mobile version

On the mobile version, by clicking on one of the activities, the details will be displayed and you can carry out different actions:

  • According to the type of activity, you can: call, reply to an e-mail, add an event, add a task, etc.
  • Associate this activity with an account or contact.
  • Edit or delete the activity.
  • Share the activity with a ForceManager contact or contacts not saved on the ForceManager application via e-mail.
  • Access documents related to this activity, without having to exit this menu.

   Screenshot_2019-05-22-14-57-30.png  Screenshot_2019-05-22-14-57-15.png

In addition, on iOS, if you swipe one of the activities, according to the type, you will have rapid access to editing the activity, making a phone call or sending an e-mail. You can send an e-mail to your ForceManager contacts or an e-mail to your personal contacts that are not saved on the ForceManager application.

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