Step 2: Personalize your account and synchronize your data

2.1. Personalize fields

Once you have accessed your account from the web application, click on your profile from the top right corner of the screen and select "Administration". Next, on your left, go to the "Personalize fields" section.

You will be able to customize the types of account, the contact roles, the states of the opportunities etc... ForceManager offers some sample values by default, but you can delete them or order them according to your preferences. You can also add extra fields.

Example: Assume that after customizing account types, you need to have an extra field where you can detail the sales team's shifts. You will have the option to add a field with a list of values  that when deployed you can select between shifts: morning, afternoon or all day.

The extra fields can be of different types:

  • List of values: with this option, you can select a value from a dropdown list defined by you.
  • Multiselection list: with this option, you will be able to select several values from a dropdown list defined by you.
  • Box: a field that offers the option to select between true or false values.
  • Text: in this section, you can define the most significant information for you.
  • Integer or decimal number: with this option, you can add a numeric value.
  • Date: with this option, you can select a date.
  • Percentage: with this option, you can add a percentage.

Customizing fields2.2. Accounts and contacts import

If you have an accounts and contacts database, the first thing you should do is import it to ForceManager. The steps to follow are:

  1. From the web app, go to your profile from the top right corner of the screen
  2. Click on "Administration"
  3. Go to the menu on the left, click on "Import accounts" and download the template
  4. Follow the indicated steps in the instructions provided

 Note that accounts and contacts need to be imported separetly. You first need to upload your accounts and then the linked contacts. Please read the instructions carefully.

Also, remember that, for a correct geolocation of companies, you must fill in the address of the accounts.


2.3. Email synchronization

The synchronization can be done from the web application itself.

First, from the "Adminstration" section of your profile, go to "Tools", there you will see the option "Email synchronization". Next, you will have to select your email provider (Gmail, Office 365 / Exchange or IMAP) and depending on the provider different information will be requested:

  • For Gmail and Office 365, it will ask you for the email address and password, once you have entered this information, a pop-up message will appear so you can confirm the synchronization.
  • For accounts with IMAP provider, in addition to the email address, it will ask for the server, port and SSL.

This configuration only has to be done by the account administrator, the remaining users will only have to enter their email and password.

In any case, it is necessary for the administrator to set his email first so that the other users can synchronize theirs.

Note: If you have a Business plan or higher, you should contact your assigned consultant to establish the synchronisation. 


2.4. Calendar synchronization

You can also synchronize ForceManager's calendar with your personal calendar.

To set it, follow the steps provided in the following link: How to synchronize the calendar? 


2.5. Call synchronization

In order for the calls you make to begin synchronizing in ForceManager, all you have to do is install the application on your mobile device and have the session open.

It is necessary that the contact number is informed so that calls are correctly registered in ForceManager within the activities of the corresponding account. In this way, you will be able to see all the telephone interactions that have taken place with the clients.

You can also report the content of a call so you do not forget anything with our Post Call tool.

Call synchronization is only possible from Android devices. For iOS and Windows Phone only outgoing calls made from the application will be registered and there will be no record of the duration of the call.



You have completed the set up of your account, you can now start working!



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