What options does the quote list give you?

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1. Apply filters and searches on the web application

Depending on its status: quotes will be shown in either green or white. If you mark a quote within ForceManager as ‘Won’ it will appear in green. If not, it will appear in white. You will also see the following information linked to the quote in the table: the account name to which the quote has been sent; if it’s been sent to the account or not; if it has been ‘won’, the quote owner, the date it was last modified, its amount and the probability of sale.

Towards the left of the page the following filters can be applied to find a quote:

Related products, accounts, opportunities or owners, the quote amount and its status (won or not). In the search bar you can also directly enter the name of a quote.


2. Apply filters and searches on the mobile application

From your mobile device, you can carry out specific searches. On Android you will see the option to filter to only show your quotes. From the list of this menu, you also have the option to create new quotes (bear in mind that the button’s location may vary according to the device).



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