What options are given in the product list?

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Once you have signed into ForceManager, to view your products, click on the Products option on the top menu of the web application or the side menu of your mobile device.

On mobile devices, the list of contacts will be ordered by the date created.


The product list allows you to view all the products you have entered into this menu. From the left section, you can apply filters to quickly find the product you need. For example, you can filter by folders, categories, available products and extra fields.

In the case of mobile devices, you can search and add filters with the funnel icon.

Android Devices


iOS Devices


In addition, by clicking on one of the products you will access its detail file, where you can view all its information (product information, gallery and documents). You can also edit the product information by clicking 'Edit'.


To delete a product, go to the bottom of the edit form and click “Delete Product”.


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