How to add a product

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You can only add products on the web application. Once you are in the Products section, click on the “Add” button:


When creating the product, complete the fields with the product information (the model, the price and product category are the only required fields):


Product information

  • Model: name that identifies the product.
  • Description: add details that will help you describe the product.
  • Price: the price of the product.
  • Cost: you can add the cost that this will imply the company.
  • Maximum discount: you can add a discount limit for the products, this way, when creating an offer or order, they won't be able to add a discount percentage over the limit. 
  • Stock: indicate the number of units that are available at the time the product is created.
  • Recommended quantity: number of recommended available units.
  • Product category: products can be classified by category with tags that would later allow you to filter and for an easier identification. 
  • Current directory: create folders and subfolders of products to sort them at different levels, you can then add products to each corresponding folder.

Once these fields are completed, you can save press save and the product will appear on its corresponding menu list. Additionally, when clicking on save, an emerging message will pop out with the option to add images to the product, but these can be added at a later stage when needed. 


If no images are added, these can be added by entering the product edition, you will find the following options: gallery (to upload product images) and documents (you can add linked documents). The video below shows you the steps to follow if you want to add images or documents to your product.

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