How to access opportunities

1. Access from the web application

Once you have signed into ForceManager, to view or manage the entire list of opportunities, click on the Opportunities option on the left side menu of the web application.

The opportunities table features the list of sales opportunities sorted by date created/modified. According to their status, the opportunities appear in green, red or white: therefore, if you indicate to ForceManager that the opportunity has been won, it will appear in green; if, on the other hand, you classify it as lost, it will appear in red and the remaining intermediate statuses (contacted, awaiting order, qualified and quoted, etc.) will appear in white. Bear in mind that you can customize the statuses according to your needs. In addition, the table will feature the account name, the owner, the date created, the date modified, the amount and the sales probability.


2. Access from the mobile application

To access opportunities on the mobile application, go to the side menu on the right of your mobile device and click on Opportunities.

On Android devices, if you select an opportunity and keep it pressed for a few seconds, the option to edit or delete it will be displayed. On iOS devices, you can manage the opportunity options, by swiping the element to the right.

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