How to review your Pipeline with Cognitive

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With ForceManager Cognitive you can check your Pipeline. The Pipeline gives the user an overview of the opportunities. For example, you can check the value of your open opportunities, see opportunities with a higher probability of sale or review the ones that have expired. 

You can view your own Pipeline or your team's:

  • To view your own, you can use expressions like: 'I want to see my Pipeline', 'Show me my opportunities': 



  • To view your team's Pipeline, use expressions  such as 'Show me my team's Pipeline' or 'I want to see my team's Pipeline'... By doing that, ForceManager Cognitive will show you your team's opportunities for the following 3 months. 

Keep in mind that it will only show you opportunities for the users on which you have visibility. 


If you need more information about a specific opportunity, you can ask details about it by providing the opportunity name that appears on the screen. 

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