What is the Salesforce Integration and what can it be used for?

Synchronize Salesforce with ForceManager for fast and efficient integration of both databases. The process requires no technical configuration and is incredibly simple.

Activating the Salesforce Integration allows you to transfer data from Salesforce to ForceManager. This critical step will ensure that you will be able to take advantage of all ForceManager features, such as the address-based geolocation in our mobile app.

In addition, this integration will allow you to seamlessly connect both databases. You can choose between two options:

  1. Unidirectional: new or updated information will move from Salesforce to ForceManager, but not vice versa.
  2. Bidirectional: new or updated information from either platform (Salesforce or Forcemanager) will automatically be synchronized in the other platform.

How do I activate the integration?

The Salesforce integration is only available for the ForceManager business plan. If you are a business customer, you can find the Salesforce integration under Settings -> Integrations -> Salesforce.


Click on "enable" and you will see a warning message informing you that the initial integration will remove all the data you have created in ForceManager in order to replace it with data from Salesforce.


After accepting, you will be asked to enter your Salesforce credentials in order to give Forcemanager permission to initiate the transfer of data. You will then be asked to select the type of Configuration


1. Select which entities (“objects”, in Salesforce language) you want to transfer to ForceManager (the synchronization of Accounts is mandatory).

2. Choose whether to synchronize the entities bidirectionally (from Salesforce to ForceManager and vice versa) or unidirectionally (from Salesforce to ForceManager).

Remember that if you change the same item at the same time in both applications, Salesforce data will always prevail.

3. Match each ForceManager user to a Salesforce user. If the names of the users are the same in both applications, use the "automatically match" button to match them automatically. If the names are spelled differently, you can match the user names manually.

Keep in mind that standard ForceManager fields will always be preserved as they are, but if you have custom fields in Salesforce, they will be automatically created in ForceManager.

How does integration work?

Once the synchronization is started, automatic updates will be take place every 15 minutes.

You will have visibility of all updates from the "statistics" tab, which can be viewed from the Salesforce integration page. This page displays a list of everything that has been created, modified or deleted for each entity.

Additionally, in this tab you will also have a list with your last 100 records synchronized. The listing will show you what action have been taken, in which direction (from FroceManager to Salesforce or viceversa) and it will also provide the status of the result (it will show you whether it has been successfully synchronised or if there has been an error). 


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