How to make a Check-In with Cognitive by ForceManager

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The Check-In function allows users to do a 'simple' Check-In (without taking into account the required fields). Once the Check-In is done, the system will allow you to add comments through voice command and it will transcribe it to add the comments in written format. 

How to register a Check-In with Cognitive by ForceManager?

  • If you know the name of the account that you are going to visit, you can directly ask to Check-In on this account just by saying the name of the account. The system will verify whether or not the account is within the range parameter set to Check-In. In case it is within range, the Check-In will be registered. For example, you can use expressions like 'Check me in with ACB account'. 

Once done, ForceManager Cognitive will ask you if you need to leave a comment about the visit. If the answer is yes, a screen will appear that will transcribe what the user says (the comment can be written as well as edited by keyword if desired).

  • In case you request to 'Check-In' without specifying the name, for example with expressions like 'I want to Check-In', the system will present you with a list of accounts that are within the range of Check-In. That way, you can choose which account to log your visit to. Once done, Cognitive will give you the opportunity to add a comment. 


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