'What's Next'? ForceManager Cognitive

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The 'What's Next' functionality will give you a full summary of your next event (if you have visits between the current day and the next day).

It will give you details about your next event: time, account, address... It will also help you by providing information on when you should leave and how long it takes to get there.

It will also provide you with the most relevant information about the account you are visiting. For example, its segment or other important details.

How to use this functionality?

  • You can directly request ForceManager Cognitive to review the next visit
  • Or use expressions like: 'Show me what I have next', 'Let's prepare my next event'...

Remember that if the system detects that you are going to be late you will be informed about it and also be given the opportunity to call the contacts linked to the visit.



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