¿What is CardManager and what does it offer?

CardManager digitalizes information from your business cards to add contacts quickly and easily into your phone. It helps you improve productivity and automate routine tasks. 


  1. Scan the business card with your device from ForceManager.
  2. Check all data is correct
  3. Done! Contact added!

What CardManager plans are available?

CardManager comes at an extra cost and is split into various plans.


The Basic Plan includes up to 20 scans per user per month. 


The Premium Plan includes up to 50 scans per user per month. 

If you require further customization, you can contact a member of our team to arrange a plan that best suits your needs. 


¿How to integrate CardManager?

This integration can only be carried out by the admin of the account. To do this, admins must log into their profile and access the ‘Integrations’ option from ‘Settings.’ The ‘CardManager’ section contains all the available plans.


How to add a contact with CardManager?

CardManager digitalizes useful information from your business cards.

Using your smartphone’s camera, the business card reader automatically scans and fills out the details of your new contact


From the Contacts menu, select “Add contact.” Next select, “Scan card” and use the camera on your device to scan the business card.


Check to see that it’s all correct and assign the contact to an account. Click save to make sure the contact is correctly stored to your list of contacts.

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