What information am I shown when I select an order?

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1. From the Web app

When you click on an order you are directed to the corresponding file which includes all information. From the web app you will be shown the following:

1.1 Actions

  • Add to favorites: favorite your orders by clicking on the star icon.
  • Edit the order: you can modify information by clicking the pencil icon e.g. edit a field, add more information or delete the order.
  • Duplicate the order: if you have more than one company with the same order, you have the option to copy the order.  


1.2 Order details

In this section, you’ll see all general information related to the product e.g. reference, validity, status, owner, environment, comments and if it’s linked to an account, contact and/or opportunity.


1.3 Documents

In this section, you can attach files and documents needed to complement information to the order such as a quote. You can follow up and see the status of these documents (e.g. pending, approved) or you can even legally sign these documents.


1.4 Reports

Here you will find the reports related to the order. Hovering over each report will give you options to sign and share the report.


You have two options to share reports. First, by copying the link and downloading the order so you can choose how you want to share it. The second is by sending it via email to one of your ForceManager contacts.


1.5 Products

You will see all the product lines that make up an order as well as details such as product reference, quantity, discounts and the total value.


2. From the Mobile app

From the mobile app, tap an order to open up general information such as name of the order, its total amount, status, validity, the owner, any related accounts, price list and currency.

In the bottom part of this screen, you’ll see information about other products included in the order with the value per unit and quantity of each product. Clients will also be able to sign the order.

In addition, you will be able to navigate through the different tabs of the order form: information, documents and reports.

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From the documents tab, you can manage all files attached to the order. You can add documents in any format (Word, PDF, Excel, etc.). You can also view and download them.

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In the reports tab, you’ll see a report of the order so you can download and preview it before it’s signed. If you have personalized reports for your orders, you’ll be able to see them from this tab.

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