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How do I know if my device is ready to be geolocated?
How do I know if my device is ready to be geolocated?
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For my terminal to be accurately positioned on the map, GPS, Wi-Fi and the triangulation of antennae must be activated.

Why are all three necessary? It is really simple; my device uses the triangulation of phone masts to calculate my GPS location more rapidly and to pinpoint my location. Something similar happens with the Wi-Fi system; thanks to the detection of WLAN networks, the terminal calculates its position more rapidly as all these are indexed in Google.

This entire explanation is all very well but how can I activate it all on my telephone/tablet?

  • Android

  • iPhone/iPad


  • Bear in mind that, when inside buildings, if you are not connected to a Wi-Fi network, the position will not be correct on account of the lack of satellite visibility.

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