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"Workflows make sure your processes go down the right way!"

We have developed a new way to make your processes happen as they should.

Every company has their own processes and systems in place. This should be replicated in their day to day tools, and ForceManager streamlines the processes sales teams have in an easy configuration and seamless user experience.

Now you can set up the process you’d like for your Accounts or Opportunities. As easy as mapping all the steps an Opportunity should go from lead to client, for example. Furthermore, defining which mandatory activities should happen at each step of the way.

Let’s explore an example:

  1. An Opportunity with status lead should be qualified by a Sales Rep (only this role could qualify it).

  • The Sales Rep has to complete a call and report it

  1. The Opportunity turns into potential client.

  • This potential client is developed by an Account Executive (only this role could perform this activities)

  • The Account Executive Sends a proposal and reports it with an Activity (mandatory again)

  1. The Opportunity reaches the status of Verbal Agreement.

  • Now the Account Executive receives a signed copy of the contract

  • His Manager reviews the negotiated price and reports an activity approval

  1. Opportunity status changes to Client!


This can get as complex as you want. Always keeping in mind:

  • Set the right activities that should happen for each step of the way.

  • Set the permissions of which type of users can perform each activity so they have visibility over the account or opportunity.

  • Workflows updates will appear in the timeline as a new type of activity called Workflows.

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