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How to use the microphone for mobile transcription?
How to use the microphone for mobile transcription?
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Within the ForceManager app, you can use the microphone to create comments, set reminders, or complete activity reports through a voice transcription system. Before you start using the microphone, please consider the following points:

  1. Make sure the microphone is working.

  2. Choose the appropriate option within the mobility settings for transcription. For example, you could create an activity or make a note after completing a check-in.

  3. When you're ready to speak, click on the microphone icon.

  4. Speak clearly at a normal volume and pace.


You'll have the option to use either the app's built-in microphone or your device keyboard's microphone.

Tips on the Voice-to-Text Feature

Both Android and iOS do not automatically insert punctuation marks. To input "Hello, how are you? I am fine," you'll need to say "Hello comma, how are you question mark, I am fine full stop."

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