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Dana AI: Artificial Intelligence to Boost Your Sales
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Dana AI is an artificial intelligence integrated into our CRM.

The first version of Dana AI offers email management and optimization features.

Two options are provided for summarizing email threads, regardless of their length or complexity.

  • The Executive Summary option generates a concise and clear text highlighting the essential points of a business conversation, allowing users to quickly check the status of a specific client, identify participants, and view key negotiation dates.

  • The Chronological Summary option presents the entire conversation on a timeline, which is especially beneficial for long and complex sales processes, enabling users to accurately track each step and its corresponding date.

Another notable feature of Dana AI is its ability to quickly draft email responses. This feature addresses the significant amount of time employees spend managing emails.

Dana AI will use the user's language to create an executive summary or a chronological summary. In the case of the email response draft, Dana AI will use the language of the message thread

Dana AI drafts responses based on the received information and maintains a professional tone that helps close sales. Users can easily copy the generated text to their email client, make necessary edits, and send the response.

Additionally, Dana AI is compatible with Microsoft Outlook through the ForceManager add-on, allowing users to access the features directly in their inbox.

Users can select the desired option, such as the executive summary, chronological summary, or response creation, from the section displayed by default on the right side of their screen.

ForceManager's commitment to helping sellers become more efficient and effective is evident in the existing features of their CRM, including automatic registration of business information, visit check-ins, and voice note-taking, which facilitates meeting summaries.

Dana AI now joins these capabilities, further enhancing the capabilities of the CRM. The development of AI-powered features is an ongoing focus for ForceManager.

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